Value Creation

Building robust models to unleash value

Literacy India works to impart ‘education with a purpose’. We believe that a strong educational foundation ensures employability which secures the future of children, impacting their immediate families, and ultimately having a positive impact on the community at large. Alongside, empowering women economically is critical to creating stable, thrifty communities.The foundation for our track record of 25 years has been our ability to adapt, innovate and rise to every occasion. In the current crisis related to the pandemic, we are staying close to migrant families and helping them to build resilience and adapt to the new normal.

We have built robust models around:

Innovative Pedagogy: We deploy innovative and alternative teaching methods and use technology to facilitate learning. Over the years, we have refined our approach and embraced modern teaching tools to make learning holistic. The future involves integration of technology with pedagogy in elementary education, to ensure educated, trained, confident and job-ready youngsters. The recent phases of lockdown in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic have further highlighted the importance of technology.Women’s Empowerment: We have realised that women, when educated and skilled, are better managers – both at home and at work. Solutions for them need to be sustainable, scalable, and upgradable. Our projects Karigari and Indha support women to develop skills and create a market platform for what they produce.

Commitment and Trust: We are committed to help our employees realise their potential. Our investments in organic talent development has resulted in a variety of learning outcomes. Our associates feel valued and reciprocate with dedication to our organisational purpose.